Thoughts on my art

Working on a painting is a process during which numerable choices are made. Some of them prove to be wrong tracks, others bring the painting into the right direction.

In my works there are suggestions to landscapes, water and plants. Those are not, however, the basic content of my paintings. What matters more is rhythm, space, light, the interaction of colours and, in the end, emotion.

When the painting is completed – it is vital to become aware of the moment – it possesses that very moment but also the earlier moments and layers which have been building up the work.

I favour strong and pure colours in building up space and drama. The completed painting is actually a colourful state of feelings born from the balancing of sensitivity and strength.

There is not one correct way to interpret a painting. The thought and the feeling of a viewer, whatever it is, is valuable and his or her very own. To be seen and experienced is the only possibility for a painting to go on living.


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